About Natalie Pantin



My love for art and creativity was first discovered at the age of eight in Trinidad, West Indies, where I am originally from. As I grew up, the essence of art and its fundamentals grew with me. It was during my early adolescent years that I began to excel in the creative arts. I achieved high marks from Cambridge University of England and discovered my niche for painting at a Credit Union summer camp. At 16, I migrated to Miami, Florida, to attend high school to follow my dream of becoming an artist. My high school years soared with many art competitions from interschool contests to the prestigious Burdines Scholastics of Art, where I attained awards over the next two years. These ranged from the Merit Award to first place, Blue Ribbon, Congressman Award. I spent a summer at New World School of Art studying different mediums that ranged from figure drawing to printmaking and I hoped to be one of the few students to be selected into the school program. My most prestigious award was the Miami Herald Silver Knight Award in Art for teaching children from first grade to fourth grade at the YMCA after school care program for two consecutive years. After the Silver Knight project, I continued to work as an art teacher for another three and a half years.

During my early years, I also did a few commissioned residential murals. These themes ranged from poolside Palm Trees to scenic beachscapes with boats to Nascar racing and castles.

At New World School of the Arts, I took an immediate painting course. This was the commencement of my vintage car series. The aesthetics and nostalgia behind these cars were very compelling and grew into a series, which I am still developing up to this day. Along with the cars, my fascination with stepping into boats also began as a second series.

I graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Florida in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. Although I wanted to pursue a double major in Graphic Design and painting, I elected to graduate instead so that I could get a head start on working as a designer. I participated in a few Art Shows during my course of studies at New World. In 2003, I was one of the top recipients for the Volvo Scholarship award and participated in the Honoring Women Survivors Art Show. My sculpture, Memories in Boxes, was featured at a show. In 2004, my Memories in Boxes, sculpture had great reviews at another art show titled Exposed. In 2005, my photography piece, Reflections, was chosen for Art in The Now. One of my paintings from my Apartment Series sold at a collegiate auction in 2015.

Recently I was commissioned to paint a 36 x72 scenic scape of my fishing boats for a residence, and have a few upcoming commissioned residential projects in store. Also, at the upcoming 60th anniversary of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church, another one of my pieces will be sold at the silent auction. I currently work full time as a Graphic Designer in the marketing field and continue to aspire and paint to develop my body of work for upcoming shows and events.